Pay as you go

I was sad to give up my Motorola droid global phone because we didn’t have the money for the monthly bills. I was terrified that I would have to

get a cheap phone similar to the ones from the 1980’s. I know that’s superficial, but I take so many photos and upload them to picasa for my blog. Without that I would be lost.

I went to best buy and was overwhelmed with the choices and was about to buy a phone with simple picture quality. A wonderful sales person came over to me, asked what I wanted and listened to my worries and needs. He explained that the Virgin Mobile pay as you go LG Optimus Elite would be the same exact thing as my the Motorola Droid.

Well it’s not…IT’S BETTER!!!!!!

Yes, BETTER. I was shocked at how a pay as you go phone can be such an amazing smart phone. Sure I had to pay $129.00 for the phone, but it was worth it. It’s my phone, camera, and video recorder in one, so I am really saving money by not buying a separate camera. I get UNLIMITED texts and internet for only $35 a month. YES…$35 a month. I only get 300 minutes to talk, but I rarely talk. It doesn’t have a memory card, but I used the one from my old phone, so that was a money saver.

With Verizon, I was a customer for thirteen years, but they would not offer any better deals and raised prices. I was paying about $100  month, isn’t that crazy? I will have to pay a cancellation fee…but in the long run paying only $35 a month saves us tons of money for other bills and groceries. I will NEVER get a contract phone again. Wonder if I can talk through skype on my phone?

Now…why is this phone better? Well, the camera is easier to operate and takes better quality pics, I can delete one or numerous photos from my phone at the SAME TIME. I can also share NUMEROUS photos at the same time. Connecting to wireless and back to 3G is easier with my  is quicker and simple.

I am so hooked and wished I had listed to my hubby sooner.


I now added my cleaning schedule to my sidebar, I will cross out the items I have completed. When a new month starts, I will delete the “strike through” and start over. What do you think of my new layout?


11 responses to “Pay as you go

  1. I am going to be getting a pay as you go phone in the next little while, probably by the end of the month if Hubby has anything to say about it. I haven’t missed having a cell since I cancelled it a year ago I think it was. (Though thinking about how long it has been makes me miss it! lol) I tagged you in my post this morning, hope you check it out. 😉

  2. Yay! I’m getting your posts again! 😀 I love the idea of putting your chore list in the sidebar and crossing it out as you go along. I would totally find that motivating – great idea! Glad to be back here. Have a wonderful week!

  3. That’s a great deal. I was paying 40 a month on family plan with unlimited texts and NO internet but about three months ago told my sister to drop me. I HATE the phone and hadn’t turned it on in almost two months. I was thinking of getting a cheap phone for emergencies.

    I was finally going to break down and get an iPhone but then I got a NOOK as a gift and then I had 0 interest in a smart phone… that’s not true I’d get a Samsung Note if I ever go on a monthly plan again (a complete 180 ;). It is HUGE!

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