Training Mommy

It’s hard being a Dinosaur, Mommy thinks it’s all fun and games for me, but it’s hard work. I have to be crazy sometimes to keep her on her toes. Though sometimes I give her a break, like the other night I sat nicely on the couch with Balboa. I fed him some of my goldfish and mommy rubbed my head and pet Balboa. Of course I have to reward her for good behavior, how will she learn if I don’t?

I have to make a mess around the house. Mommy openly admits she hates exercising, so I am doing this to help her. By making her move around and find hidden toys, pick up pillows, recover the couches, clean up spills and crumbs it gets her moving and almost like exercise. I think she should be thankful I care so much about her health, right?

She thinks that by bringing me to the mall play area is a work out for me. Little does she know it’s for her. I have to make her walk around and keep her quick mommy ninja skills in working order. The little guy in the white T-shirt told me his mom keeps getting up to make him go down the slide. So far she came over eleven times, mommies are so easily tricked.

Then I climb up the slide and make mommy nervous because I pretend to fall down. I love seeing the panic on her face. She cracks me up. The little girl behind me keeps falling to see how many times her mommy will get up, so far it has been fifteen times.

When mommy relaxes and enjoys watching me play, I reward her with my “Silly Dinosaur Dance“.

Check to see if mommy is keeping up with her cleaning schedule

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6 responses to “Training Mommy

  1. See, now I’m pretty sure my little ones have me on the same excercise plan… They split up so I have to race over to the girl who climbs way too high for my comfort and then back to the little guy who says he “can’t do it.”

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