Cheap Organization

Living in a small space forces you to get organized. One way I did this was by creating my Home Central Binder with the help of Simplify 101.All you do is sign up and get all the details you need for getting organized in a binder. I have the following sections; activities, daycare, Anthony, Karen, Tony, Restaurants, entertainment, upcoming events, addresses, emergency, insurance, miscellaneous, holidays, cool ideas, birthdays. I try to put things in there immediately, but sometimes I forget. I still need to update my emergency section and upcoming events.

Then created my own personal organizer. Firstly, because I needed to get rid of my smart phone and the wonderful calendar in it. Second, the ones in stores are too expensive and I don’t want to pay for refills.

So I came up with this sheet. I keep one on our bulletin board and one in my personal binder. I use this sheet weekly house schedule

to organize each week with our family. It’s a chore to get hubby to remember to fill it out. When he does it makes life easy all around. I need know dates in advance, so I made this 2012_yearly_calendar_sep_1-1FOR BLOG  with Microsoft word templates. I also love the free printables form from Organized Home They are great to print out or give me ideas to make my own forms.

How do you keep organized? What organizing websites do you LOVE?


From now on to save on post space I added my cleaning schedule to a page, you will see what I have done and what I am terribly behind in.

Dinosaur Mommy’s Cleaning Schedule

What’s your cleaning agenda today?


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13 responses to “Cheap Organization

  1. Ah, organization eludes me but I’m not giving up! Great ideas. Two big areas I’d like to get organized is all my stories and photographs. They are out of control. Let us know how the binder works out!

    • OH GOD, all my stories are in photographs are in horrid disarray too. If I didn’t have picasa web for pics and dropbox for stories, I don’t know what I would do.

  2. I have a GIANT white board in the back room of my house, where I keep all my ideas organized and then I use a student type planner ($10) and A LOT of post it notes that I get during the Target back to school sales.

    PS My white board currently has a list on it that includes: Be like Karen (ie get a cleaning schedule going)

  3. This answer sounds smart alleck’ey… but what works really good for me is having a lot of space. I think in order to do that for the kids toy room I need to throw away a lot of toys. But I really love that clutter free feeling the rest of the room gets from having a black hole like that to throw toys into.

  4. I’m fairly organized in most areas except for paper. I just can’t seem to stay in control of it for more than a few days! I have so much I need to organize right now. I’m going to check out the forms you mentioned in your post (More paper! But I’d choose paper organizers over digital ones any day).

    • I know paper can get out of control, but I have to force myself to do it immediately or it becomes a monster…which I am often guilty of.

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