Favorite Shows and BACKPACK GIVEAWAY

I don’t let Dinosaur sit in front of the TV all day, but he has his favorite shows that he watches over and over again. Some I LOVE,
some I like and some I think are WASTES OF TIME. Sometimes I put on the shows I can’t stand just to be able to do computer work
or make meals.
Little Bill
because they are a loving family with friends from all walks of life. Little Bill is NOT whiny, just a typical kid that Dinosaur can relate to. Everyone is different and that is normal. They all love each other and are respectful and kind. There is a spiritual foundation to the show as well, that I am grateful for.
Dinosaur likes because Little Bill is just like him, a happy kid with a loving family and lots of friends.
Little Bear:
because he is an only child, like Dinosaur, and has lots of different friends and loving grandparents. Everyone is different and that is normal. They all love each other and are respectful and kind. It is okay to not to have a large family and being an only kid is perfectly normal for their family.
Dinosaur likes because Little Bear is a happy guy, who loves his friends and family, and uses his imagination.
Dora the Explorer:
Mommy likes
because Dora is interactive and gets Dinosaur to use his thinking skills.
Dinosaur likes because Dora always needs his help and thanks him for helping
Mike the Knight:
Mommy DOES NOT like
because Mike is selfish and soiled, he never learns from his mistakes or listens to his friends.
Dinosaur likes because Mike IS a knight and has knightly adventures
Wow Wow Wubzy:
Mommy DOES NOT Like
because while they do share and show friendship, it’s MINDLESS waste of time.

Dinosaur likes because it’s funny, noisy, and fast moving
Mommy DOES NOT Like because he is whiny and soiled child that is so self-centered
Dinosaur likes because it’s bright and funny
 Max and Ruby:|
Mommy DOES NOT Like because there are no guardians living with them, Ruby is too bossy and Max needs adult supervision
Dinosaur likes it’s funny and bright, and Max is always right.
What shows do your kid(s) watch, if any? Do you like them? Or do you want to throw your shoe at the TV like I do?

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The summer is slowly dying and the school season, is yet again, knocking at our doors. With our little toddlers also heading on over to day care and preschool, we need to make sure they have all the right gear and tools to be rightly equipped. Starting with the most important item: the backpack. I hence had the idea of spoiling the little monsters out there with a fun S.O.S. Mom giveaway. I have the pleasure of offering you the chance to win a toddler backpack, with your choice of design, handmade by the generous sponsor Little Fawn Designs.

Before we get to the goodies part, I want to tell you a bit more about Little Fawn Designs, their products, and, as well, present you an S.O.S. Momreview. This Etsy shop, located in Manitoba Canada, is owned by the extremely sweet Jenna, who has a true and undeniable talent. Her shop offers adorable backpacks, original cosmetic bags, fun pouches and neat diaper clutches. Each and every single item is handmade, thus allowing you to personalize your purchase by selecting your own pattern from her wonderful collection.When I received my own toddler backpack for reviewing purposes, I was wowed. I had seen the pictures, but the real thing was, by far, cuter. Stunning fabric, impressive quality and just the right size for a toddler. I also cannot forget to mention how stupendously lightweight the backpack is. With its approximate 9.5″ width, 9.5″ height and 3.5″ depth, this backpack sits perfectly on my son’s shoulders and back. Furthermore, one aspect I wanted to put to the test was its capacity. Evidently, a toddler will not be carrying a heavy load of books or schooling material. But if a toothbrush is the only thing the backpack can carry, we’re in a pickle! Rest assured, Little Fawn Designs’ bags provide you with the necessary room to fit all your little one’s essentials and more! Just to give you an overall idea, I was able to fit 5 books inside (see picture below). The 14″ long straps allowed my son to put and remove the backpack with great ease.

Overall, if anyone would tell me they’re looking for a toddler backpack, I would, without hesitation, send them straight to Jenna’s shop. Her items are fun, cute, durable and made with love. All the main ingredients to make a sensational backpack! She offers a remarkably friendly and efficient service, highly affordable prices, products made to your absolute liking and cheap shipping to both Canada and the US. I therefore strongly encourage you to visit the Little Fawn Designs shop on Etsy, on Facebook (and please, please, please do me a favour and like her page too!), or on its newly created blog.
Now it’s your turn to own one of these fantastic toddler backpacks! Enter the following S.O.S. Mom giveaway for your chance to win a Little Fawn Designs toddler backpack of your choice! The four available designs appear hereafter. The contest is open to residents of Canada and US and will run from September 5th to the 15th, 12:01am EST.

The rafflecopter is giving me a hard time,so click HERE to enter


a Rafflecopter giveaway


run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
vacuum bedrooms
wipe down dining room chairs and table
What’s your cleaning agenda today?
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19 responses to “Favorite Shows and BACKPACK GIVEAWAY

  1. Miles isn’t really old enough to get TV (and sit down long enough to watch it! lol), but he likes quick clips of Sesame Street and I’m into that. My nephew watches Spongebob religiously, and for whatever reason, that show just turns me off.

    • OH YEAH, even before I had kids I could NOT watch Sponge Bob, it drove me bonkers. He’s seen some commercials for it and I cringe when he asks to watch it, I just change the channel.

  2. My kids are OBSESSED with Sponge Bob even though I have never let them watch it. When we first met my son’s kindergarten teacher she asked what his favorite show was–SPONGEBOB! She gave me a look and walked away and I was mortified! of course, the more I insisted that he does not watch it, the more she thought I was a wack-job, but I couldn’t help myself! I love your assessment of all of this–the Max and Ruby thing cracked me up–though I found that Wow-Wow-Wubbzy is a great one when you have older ones and younger ones (so when my son was six and seven and the other two were four and five, it made them all happy. And I don’t hate it–sometimes there are lessons to be learned from it if you can stand to watch it long enough to get them! I like putting on Curious George–it is very calming. Like watching golf! Thanks for sharing!..

    • thanks for stopping by! I do like the lessons from Wow Wow Wubzy but the noises and voices…aaaargh. but if he likes it and it lets me do things who am I to complain, right? Oh no, I would have kept insisting about not letting him watch Sponge Bob too. I will have to check out Curious George Thanks. Going to head over to your blog now.

  3. I just bust out laughing so loud over your opinions of the shows the guy in the cube next to me asked what was so funny! I have the same exact opinions of those shows! Max and Ruby make my eye twitch! I have also found that Berenstain Bears is another good one– good morals, good lessons, etc.

    Thanks for always stopping by my blog. I try to visit yours, but I always seem to run out of time! 🙂


    • glad you got a good laugh…no worries babe, it’s hard to get to everyone’s blog. OH Yeah! The Berenstain Bears, I forgot about them, they are a good show and the books can compliment the show…thanks.

  4. I am “allowed” to ban 2 shows for no other reason than that they “make mommy grouchy.” My kids felt that was fair. So I banned SpongeBob and WowWowWubbzy.

    The boys still ask me permission to watch new stuff. I’ve rejected several shows because “they had bad animation” or “they were for babies” or even “because they’re girl shows” — the kids have no idea I just weeded out the whiners and the gross-out shows.

    Each time the younger one has a birthday, I can weed out an additional show or two using the “you’re too old for that” rule.

    In my mind, if a show makes me grouchy then my kids don’t need to watch it. It’s bad for them when I’m grouchy.

    • LOL, I like that rule I will have to save that for when he’s older and can understand. I was reminded of the Berenstain Bears which is another wholesome show, hoping to get all this in before his mind is corruted, LOL.

  5. It’s hilarious that I wrote a very similar post a few days ago! Great moms think alike huh ;). I have to say the one I hate most is Caillou. He is the brattiest and whiniest of them all and I can’t stand to watch it. My daughter likes to watch him, but knows she won’t get away with acting like him–in fact she called him a drama queen herself lol.

    • I know, what were the creators thinking when they wrote Caillou???? I just cringe and try to pretend I can’t find it or offer up other suggestions.

  6. My daughter likes a lot of those same shows, and I find all the ones you don’t like annoying too. I only let her watch ones I like for the most part except for her new favorite, My Little Ponies… I hate it because it has no educational value, but at least it doesn’t teach her anything particularly bad. I had to ban Rugrats because she started acting like Angelica! -_-

  7. We don’t watch tv a lot, but when we do I really like shows that don’t have real antagonists… life has enough of those without them being added to shows. I personally hate Caillou; a lot, for the same reasons… and Max and Ruby drive me up the wall, I can’t stand the lack of supervision!

    Lately we’ve been getting really good at repeating every word of every Blues Clues on Netflix… and whatever other pre-school shows are there to make my job easier.

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