Fun with LaLa and PopPop

This is the second Monday I have NOT posted about saving money. I will get back to that starting next week. I have been saving, just forgetting to keep the receipts and take pictures. I really like to stick to my schedule. Do most of you have a blogging schedule? Or do you just post what you want?

Dinosaur is lucky to have still have two sets of grandparents.  He is making wonderful memories and getting lots of love. LaLa and PopPop are my parents; and Dinosaur is there only grandchild, so he is spoiled with lots of love. Dinosaur got to spend two days with his LaLa and PopPop. My father wanted to be called PopPop, and LaLa was called that by her niece and nephew and it just stuck when they had their kids. So when Dino was born, it was only natural that she was his LaLa too.

On Saturday we went to Sillverman’s Farm in Easton Connecticut. It’s a great little orchard and farm, but there were too many bees; so eating outside was NOT fun. Any suggestions on products that block bees so we can eat outside and enjoy the nice weather? They have a HUGE playground area with an awesome maze.

Being an only child, dinosaur got attention from four adults while running around and playing. He truly is a lucky guy to have so many loving people in his life. What more could ANY kid wish for?

Though he worried me a bit, seems like he has a preference for blond girls. He was following around three of them on the playground!!! The girl he he clings to at daycare is also blond. Already three and he has his preferences, I’m in trouble. Though I never really talk to him about girls, I usually just say when you grow up, get married and have kids. I don’t want him to feel like we won’t accept him and want him to know that no matter who he loves; we will always love him. Maybe I’m crazy to think about this when he is only thee but I want him to know and my vocabulary to be consistent. After getting stickers on our car symbolizing our family, he is always repeating the members of our family. I tell him that some families have one mom, or one dad, or two moms or dads, or aunts and uncles, or grandparents. As long as you are loved, that’s your family.

Okay, now back to the post at hand, I sometimes get sidetracked with my thoughts.

Dinosaur posing like a big man next to “Thomas the Train”

One of the many cool trucks in the playground area.

On Sunday we spent the day at their house. Hubby had to umpire two games near their house, so it made sense to spend the day there. pent all day there. Dinosaur loves it there, because LaLa and PopPop have designated their back room to Dinosaur. He walks around like the big man on campus. He loves to sit at the back table, play with his cars, and eat his food.

Dinosaur telling to hurry up and take the picture, my bossy little man.

My mother didn’t want her picture taken, she’s so silly. My dad was being funny and was pretending to flex his muscles.

Tomorrow I will post about Dinosaur’s day with Grandpa Tony and Grandma Lorraine (hubby’s parents).

run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
plan shopping list (from yesterday)
change sheets and towels
catch up day
check batteries in fire alarms (from yesterday)
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 
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7 responses to “Fun with LaLa and PopPop

    • I am so disappointed, I can’t read or comment on your posts. Not sure what is going on. maybe I need to clear my cookies, but all the other blogs I can read. I enjoy your blog so this is upsetting me.

  1. As someone who grew up with 3 grandparents and a Great Grandmother, and whose kids grew up with 4 grandparents and 2 Great Grandparents I can tell you that I think Dinosaur is one lucky kid! I’m from the East Coast (and lived in CT for a while) and I’m Karen too. Don’t know if you’ve read my blog but in my post Lightning Strikes, I talk about how my boys were miracle kids too!

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