Tried it and Liked it

So after seeing this post 10 Must Do Activities for Little Ones from Chirping Moms. ….
I had to try the two of the activitie

1.  Shaving Cream and Cars: Dinosaur LOVED IT! He spent an hour outside playing and singing. In the end he was soaked but truly happy. This will be a popular activity for us in the winter. I can see putting Dinosaur in the kitchen with the table (as long as I am not cooking).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

sorry the videos are sideways, though it’s going to be fun imagining all of you tilting your
heads to watch, LOL

3.  Mess Free Painting: Well, Dinosaur ripped the bag off the window and ran around the apartment. I was terrified that he would rip it open and spread it all over. I had to rip it out of his hands and give him a cookie. Not my best mom moment, but I needed to contain the mess, LOL

Then I had to give him another outdoor activity, just to keep him busy. I drew a large intertwining road on our driveway. I included a gas station, and two houses for the cars to sleep. He played for a bit, but got bored. Why? Because it wasn’t messy! Such a boy, but I love it.

What fun activities do you have in your “mommy toolkit” for your kids?

run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
plan shopping list
wipe down bathroom
clean out car
check batteries in fire alarms
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 
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4 responses to “Tried it and Liked it

  1. When I saw that paint in a bag thing it freaked me out. I could just see my kids putting the bag on the floor and JUMPING up and down on it until it exploded… just like they do with ketchup packets.

    My best mommy trick is still cutting a bar of ivory soap into chunks. One by one, we put the chunks in the microwave… Ivory soap does amazing stuff in the microwave! Then I toss the kids into the tub with giant chunks of soap. Fill with water and let them play Titanic. An hour later… clean boys, clean tub, relaxed mommy.

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