Preschool Schedule

Normally I post how I saved money this week, but I didn’t do so great. The local supermarket I go to for meat and produce has let me down again. I bought meat and pizza dough and after two days in the freezer the meat was rancid. After two days in the fridge, the pizza dough smelled horrific.  I have seen and complained about expired products on shelves, products not refilled for two months, and produce that never lasts as long as it should.

I have decided to use the same supermarket in the next town and it is much better. You would think the supermarket in a well-to-do town would do a better job, but they don’t.

Anyway, now onto my post for today; I was thinking that I need a schedule for when Dinosaur is home with me. Even if we don’t follow it to the minute, at least he knows the routine. Do you SAHM and WAHM moms have a schedule? How detailed do you make it?

This is what I created? Am I too ambitious, or as an educator am I right on the money? I have to edit the weekends and the days he attends day care. It’s a work in progress as I see how he reacts to the schedule.


Since I can’t find work, my parents are paying for Dinosaur to attend daycare three days a week, from nine to three.  Starting next week, we will only send him two days a week till four pm. With a strict schedule, I should be able to keep him busy, not to mention library events and trips. The weekends will be busy with family activities; I will make a point of it.




  • run washing machine if full
  • put away dried clothes,
  • clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur


  • change sheets and towels


  • catch up day and organize

What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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12 responses to “Preschool Schedule

  1. We have a routine, things that take place in a certain order every day and happen around the same time. My kids do best with that but we are not terribly rigid about time, except bedtime. Today I am cleaning under furniture. That is my last monday of the month task.

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. I like the idea of planning out your day. I would make it only a few bigger chunks so he can get used to the idea of what’s coming next without overly stressing you on time (if you’re anything like me, the time element will cause you more anxiety when you miss deadlines than organization. lol maybe that’s just me…). Something Like: Breakfast, outside time and learning time, lunch, nap, games/puzzels with mom, TV, dinner, bedtime routine. Then you can mix it up within each chunk as you have time and energy.

  3. I need to figure out how to save money on Meat. It’s driving me nuts!

    My cleaning schedule is extremely random! Poor kids, whatever I see is dirty gets cleaned. (It helps that I clean my shower as I use it)

    • I know, meat prices are insane. Even when I portion them out it still kills me how much it costs. Yes, cleaning the shower while using it is a smart move.

  4. Wow, your schedule for you LO is pretty impressive. We don’t have anything like that. Hmmm, maybe I better work on that. My hubby works at home so you would think we run like clockwork, but lol that is soo not the case…

    Have a great week!

    • I think I got a little crazy with the time, going to take “TheBusyMomsDiet” idea and just write everything on strips of paper, not worry about time. This way he will know what comes next and in what order.

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    • I will be changing it up again, and will probably post about it next week, I think I was too intense on the time and will just to word strips on the wall and forget the time.

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