Vegetable Police

***Names have been changed for privacy.***

On Friday, we went for a play date at an old friend’s house. I played with Greg and Sarah and mommy talked about boring stuff with their mom, Judy. I got to play on Greg’s playground, sand area, water table, and I just watched him and Sarah jump in the bounce house. I was too scared of the noise to go in there.

Then Judy made us all delicious zucchini bread, I think there was vegetables in there but I’m not sure, but it was still very yummy. After some more fun, Judy made us chicken nuggets for lunch. While they were good I heard there vegetables in them and I did not like that. Sure they were good, but they tricked me.

Then the worst part…mommy and Judy talked about how to make these vegetables chicken nuggets and a potty training chart. Can you believe that? How mean are mommy and Judy? I need you to tell mommy to not make these stupid things, I don’t need them. Is there a number I can call to report mommy? I bet Greg would want to report his mommy too. There has to be a vegetables police number, right?

Mommy says she’ll post about how to make Judy’s homemade chicken nuggets and will post her version Greg’s potty chart very soon.

I think for all my suffering, mommy should get me all this for dinner and dessert.


8 responses to “Vegetable Police

  1. lol, that’s hilarious! I hope that they taste better than they sound, though … they have hope I think. I’m curious to hear your review!

    • thanks, coming from a great writer that means a lot to me. I’d love to share this with him one day. Maybe he’ll think I a genius or just plain crazy.

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