I’m Cute and I Know It

It’s Saturday and time for my side of the story again.
I was a SUPER good boy yesterday. We all went out to eat at Chuck’s Steakhouse in Danbury, CT. I love that I can look at the fishes swimming around and see pictures of boats in the water. Did mommy get a pic of any of that? NOPE, because SHE is the one who doesn’t listen. I was super good at the table. I played nicely with my cars and pretended to pour sugar, salt, and pepper on them. Why? Well, because they love when I do that.

We ordered great food, but did mommy get a picture of any of that? NOPE, she said she did but her phone was being silly. I think she is just old and doesn’t know what she is doing. I think if she put her phone in my apple juice it would have worked better.

I did get to take awesome pics with mommy and daddy, not together though, perhaps one day mommy will think about asking someone to take a picture of the three of us. Am I the only one who thinks ahead around here? 

I think me being a good boy makes up for me calling mommy mean, telling her I’m mad, and saying I would throw her in the garbage for not giving me a lollipop. Hey, I’m only three and allowed to get super angry. Besides with my awesome smile, I can get away with a lot.
Don’t you agree?

Here, even when I am messy from a SO Delicious mini fudge bar, I am still quite handsome.


run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
door knobs, light fixtures and switches
wipe down walls

What’s your cleaning agenda today? 

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2 responses to “I’m Cute and I Know It

  1. Ok I kind of got bored tonight and found this blog by looking up stuff for bored moms lol. Interesting stuff however, I am still seeking the cure for boredom though lol. What surprises me the most is how many other people did the same thing as me and came here on the same search terms. I really didnt think it would be this popular – but oh well. Sorry if this is a weird post.

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