A Kitchen One Size Too Small

I wanted to share some more pics of my small apartment how I set it up and organize the small space.

 This is our tiny kitchen, it looks bigger in the picture for some reason.
If we need to get in the fridge, the main door has to close. If I am standing at the stove or sink,
the other person has limited room in the kitchen.

We have a lovely shelf over the sink, with a window that opens. I keep our kitchen towels and cleaning rags and some garlic in a bag. Oh and after I bought some overly expensive kitchen rags from Kohl’s (at least I think they are expensive
Then I saw this post about reusable paper towels
 I cut up two of my old shirts and am going to see what hubby can donate to our kitchen. 
We used to keep snacks on the shelf, but the great sunlight was drying them out. We can’t even
keep snacks on the fridge, because the appliance is very old and generates too much heat 
and snacks were melting. 
So now we keep snacks next to our stove, not the best place since the grease gets all over them, but I have no other spot for them. I usually just move them over when the burner is on. Can you spot the two Ragu jars I am using for snack containers. Why buy more containers, when I can reuse? 
Saw this post on how to organize your home on a low budget


Also got this idea from organizing made funUsing storage for all of Dinosaur’s art and sticker supplies was a space and life saver. We keep it on the back of his bedroom door. I also use the idea in our closet. Both hubby and I share a closet, on the back of each door, we have a shoe orgaznier. In it we keep our undergarments and socks. It saves so much space and makes it easier to spot what you want to wear. I WON’T be showing you a pic of my unmetionavbles, sorry. 

What are some great organizing ideas you found online and use? 
Have any great tips you want to share?

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
dust all furniture
pick one spot and organize it
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 
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