Go Away Mommy

That’s what I have been hearing lately while Dinosaur plays. My first reaction is one of heartbreak, how could he want me to go away? Then I remind him that he does not talk to mommy that way. He can ask mommy nicely to let him play alone. 

Sometimes he plays with his cars on the table, occasionally standing up to discipline them for not behaving or sharing. Other times he makes them take time outs (obviously replaying what he hears often at home and day care)

Other times he wants me to sit with him in his room and watch him play. I am not allowed to touch any of his toys, I might mess up his game.

How he can understand what is going on in this mess is a wonder to me. 

 Other times he rather “help” daddy outside in the garage making sure his umpire equipment still fits
Or making sure Daddy’s car works properly
 Or adding a few well-placed scratches

Most of the time he is hard at working doing something naughty, like drawing on the rug with chalk. The worst part, he tells me to come in his room and see what he did, all proud of his destruction. I really hope he uses this power for good in the future.

How do you handle your kids telling you to leave you alone?
Or are they in the crawling all over you stage?  
Have your kids done any damage lately that they are proud of? 

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
vacuum bedrooms
clean baseboards in living areas
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 


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