Mommy tricked me

Mommy took me to the mall to have fun, so she said. But she really took me there to get shoes. How dare she trick me like that. Well, at least I got to play in the indoor playground and ride the carousel twice.

Don’t I look cool going down the slide?
Getting ready to jump off train like a big boy

It’s more fun to jump, then fall and roll around

Then I got in toruble, can you believe that? While I was in the playground, a baby was crawling around. She wasn’t even supposed to  be over in the big boy area. Anyway she got in my way and I accidnetly knocked her over. Well, I guess I kind of hip-checked her, but I wanted to play with the wall puzzle, it’s only for big kids. So, it’s not really my fault.

Mommy ran over and told me she was upset with me and made me look at the crying baby. I felt bad for her, but mommy embarrassed me. How dare she!

Mommy wouldn’t let me leave till I apologized. The grandma of the baby said it was an accident, but mommy said I had to apologize anyway. She said it’s important apologize and own up to our mistakes and it would make me feel better. I’m not going to say I felt better after I apologized, but the little baby blew me a kiss.

*^**^* *^* *^* *^* *^* *^* *^*

Besides Mommy tricking me she has weird rules about objects in the house. She says I can’t play with the cool looking items in the curio cabinet. Why are they there then, if not for me to play with them?

I also am not allowed to play with the dryer rack. I don’t understand that. We have a dryer in the house, so why does she need to hang clothes up? I get mad and throw them down and use them as a play area for my cars. I know you all think I am right, so I won’t even ask.

See, I think it works better as a toy for me. Don’t you agree?

What really cool things in your house do you say kids can’t play with just to be mean?

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