New Products and Store Frustrations

I found this new product, well it’s new to me. I have always liked Skippy peanut butter, but can’t always bring it to daycare since they restrict peanut products. At home I can eat it every day for lunch; adding apples, bananas, mangoes and other fruits to the sandwich to mix it up and add nutritional value.

I’ve used a lot of jelly and preserves over the years, but after finding Mango Butter in Trader Joe’s I am hooked. It doesn’t clump, fall out, and get sticky like jelly, jam, or preserves. I will have to save up and get more.

Since my local health food store doesn’t carry any sunflower butter, I also use Trader Joe’s sunflower butter for daycare. It does get a little greasy, but keeping a paper towel underneath it helps. 

I am disappointed in my local stop and shop store. They have just left a sour taste in my mouth. First their brand of freezer bags opened up too many times at the WORST times. Then they had expired almond milk products out for over a month. Yesterday they a had NO almond milk products at all. NONE. ZERO. ZIP. They are reorganizing the store and forgot to order more almond milk I guess. 
It’s frustrating because they will double coupons up to 99c, but that is just not enough to keep my loyalty. Now I have to find a local store with good savings that accepts coupons. I do a good deal of shopping in Walgreens and Rite Aide because of their deals, coupon rules, and money back in the form of register rewards and up rewards respectively. But they don’t sell meat, almond milk, fresh fruit and veggies.
Trader Joe’s has lower prices than the supermarkets. Instead of buying frozen meatballs I’ll buy the ingredients and make my own. The brand of almond milk and rice milk was cheaper than the local supermarket. They have a pre-made  guacamole and hummus mix which is AWESOME! Dinosaur and I love hummus and guacamole, but I CAN NOT make hummus and suck at making guacamole. 
And I just found this site lists the deals and manufacturer coupons each week for Trader Joe’s. How cool is that! 

Where do you shop for fresh foods? How many stores do you use for grocery shopping? Do you use/like Trader Joe’s? 

2 responses to “New Products and Store Frustrations

  1. I love trader joe's and the farmers market by my house has produce plus tons of local products including peanut butter, breads, meat, and a ton is other cool, healthy, fresh things I can't always find at the store.

  2. Yeah, I want to save money, but I can do that at Walgreens and Rite Aide. We need healthier and natural foods in our house. And I NEED to start exercising.

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