Never again will I…

…let hubby plan and book a vacation, no matter how hard he pleads to help me. Hubby  meant well, but we are staying at the hotel in hell. He booked a package deal for Sesame Place and got the hotel in the worst part of town with NO pool. What was he thinking.. or rather NOT thinking? The first room didn’t have a working fridge and the second room was missing a desk. There bathroom was not cleaned well and there was hair on the floor. I spent half and hour cleaning that bathroom before I would let my boys step one foot in there. The people who work here are clueless, seriously. One person said she never heard of any diners in the area! Isn’t she supposed to know the area?

If we ever do this again, we are going to stay in a hotel closer to Philadelphia so we can visit both Sesame and Philly. I will plan it out and make sure its a great hotel and itinerary.

On the bright side, Dinosaur loved Sesame Place. He was in awe of the character breakfast and rocked all the water rides. I thought he would be scared but he was crying for more. Even though the heat was a killer, being soaked from the water rides helped us stay cool. When the heat got to be too much for dinosaur and he started to get tired we put him in his strolled and covered him with a wet blanket. That was his personal AC and he LOVED it. Soon he was off to dream land and we got to relax in the shade near our car.

The Crayola Facotry was an awesome place to visit but not for a wild dinosaur who wants to be constantly moving. That place is for kids who like to sit and focus on what they are doing, which is NOT my son. I will do a better job of researching a place before going to it based on its name. I want to make sure my son gets the most of his vacations.

Anyone ever learn from their vacation mistakes?


4 responses to “Never again will I…

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. My son would LOVE sesame place! I must start googling if there is something like that on the west coast. Sorry about the hotel-uation, yuck! From our last vacation, I learned not to expect much if any relaxation time for myself. I got a little bitter half way into it that it was so much work squarely on my shoulders while it seemed like everyone else was having carefree fun! I got over it by the end, but next vacation, I'm bringing grandpa (Miles's favorite person) to help me with the entertainment!

  2. Good idea. I think from now on I think we are going to bring grandparents, because after Anthony can be a handful. It would be nice to get out to dinner with just my hubby.

  3. Normally I do, but I trusted hubby to take charge. I knew he meant well, but I will have to just make sure it's all correct.

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