Pineapple Pancakes and Egg Cupcakes

Yes, pancakes again…but this time with pineapples. YES, pineapples. They were delicious and perfect. I cut the pineapples into tiny slices and added them into the batter. I did my usual mashed banana’s in the syrup. Dinosaur loved them, even my picky dad ate some. 
More leftovers into eggs, only this time I have dinosaur calling them “Egg Cupcakes”. Mom’s are so good at being deceitful.

As you can tell from my previous recipes, I like to add lots of spices such as curry, garlic, onion, parsley and allspice. YUMMY

We used leftover fries, broccoli and fried chicken.

 Look how great that batter is, now time to cook the egg cupcakes.

Dinosaur couldn’t eat them fast enough. Even though he saw green in the cupcakes, he gobbled them up. They were healthy, yummy, and filling.

What breakfast/lunch are you most proud of this week?

2 responses to “Pineapple Pancakes and Egg Cupcakes

  1. I love, love, love your idea about the leftover egg cupcakes! It is nutritious, delicious, and reduces waste! Note to self: try this before it get's lost in the old mama brain! We had one of those cleaning out the freezer kind of weeks over here, but our best meal was grilled salmon burgers. They were made from defrosted salmon filets that were food processed with spices and panko bread crumbs and then formed into patties. Yum!

  2. Saw that idea on pinterest and so glad I tried it. Each time it will be different. I may even add some pancake mix to the eggs to see what happens.Those salmon burgers sound downright delicious.

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