Saturday – Dinosaur Says

Finally my chance to speak. ROOOOOAAAARRRR

The only reason I go shopping with mommy is to help her. She would forget half the food if I wasn’t there to hold the list, jump around and not listen when she asks me to stay next to her. When we went to the toy store, there were these cool rides, but she said I had to wait till after we were done shopping. Hey if I am going to get a toy, I can wait to ride the elephant and truck.

Well, imagine my horror when she DIDN’T get me a toy and only let me ride the elephant ONCE. Of course I cried and kicked my feet, wouldn’t you? I should have at least gotten six rides out of that elephant and four from the truck behind me.

I need to have a talk with mommy about her parenting, one ride was not fair. After all, she bought a gift for another kid and bought me NOTHING. I think I deserved the fun, don’t you? Maybe you can all talk to mommy for me?


 My Pop Pop stayed with us this weekend and we went out to dinner. I love my Pop Pop, but he is too nervous. I’m a boy and need to move around. He wants me to sit still, aint gonna happen.

Anyway, here we are waiting for our food. He looks really old in this picture and almost like his head was pasted onto his body. LOL. But he is still my buddy.


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