Mommy Cleaning Schedule

Over the years I have seen several sites that offer strategies and cleaning routines. Me being me, I need to always create my own that caters to MY needs. Therefore, I created my own easy to use cleaning schedule. I like to do two/three things a day (besides the needed daily routines like washing dishes and tidying up).

So my cleaning schedule is below. I have laminated it and keep it next to my door in my small kitchen. I check off each task I complete and when it’s filled up I erase and start over.

I adjusted it for our new apartment, since our 1200sq foot condo had more space to cover. Though, 950sq feet is harder to clean, because one thing out of place makes the entire space look messy.

I have a crazy three year old dinosaur and by no means expect things to be REALLY tidy. Life with my guy has taught me to just let it be. He WILL break the curtain rod, he WILL break the wicker basket, he WILL break the plexiglass cover over the screen door.

I teach him to clean up after himself and so that he feels better about hsi space. If it’s messy he will feel messy too. It seems to help, he can find his toys and relaxes in organization.


9 responses to “Mommy Cleaning Schedule

  1. If you want the word doc let me know. Hubby is a custodian so I can't make him clean, besides when he doesn't get paid for it he's terrible, LOL

  2. I also have a cleaning schedule like this. Laminating it is a great idea though! We have a very small space as well and I know what you mean about one thing being out of place and everything feels messy! Visiting from Saturday Sharefest.

  3. What a great idea! I'll admit my husband does more of the house work than I do, but I especially like the idea of including the reminders to do all those other things like check batteries, change filters, etc. every month. Thanks!Stopping by from SITS.

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