Unemployment Blues

I am trying to not let the sadness overtake me, but its rather difficult. I got laid off two years ago and now once again. I thought we paid our dues, went through hell and would finally get back on our feet. But fate had other plans.

We lost our condo and finally found a cute rental and now I am unemployed again. The worst part is I can’t find work again. Eveyrone keeps telling me if I keep looking I’ll find work…. YEAH RIGHT!

Everyone is fighting for teaching jobs, in fact hubby told me that two thousand, YES TWO THOUSAND, applicants applied for one 4th grade position at his school. TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE fighting for one job. Two Thousand people fighting for jobs all over the city, county, and state.

I am a high qualified reading specialist and reading teacher, but I can’t find work. I can’t even find work in other fields because I don’t meet THEIR qualifications. What am I supposed to do? I am a good person, sure I may curse a lot and often tweet while playing with my son, but I don’t steal and murder. I don’t cheat the system or even use handouts. So why am I in this position. Where is MY good karma?

Is is good people like me that turn to devilish and horrible acts to just make money. I mean what else am I supposed to do? No one wants to hire me. NO ONE. I cry myself to sleep sometimes afraid for what else I will lose. The only thing I have left is my pride, perhaps I can sell that to provide for my son.


2 responses to “Unemployment Blues

  1. Oh. My. G. This one hits close to home. My husband was laid off from a school district while I was pushing out a baby (literally, he got a text while he had my leg in his hands). I'm going to think happy, positive thoughts for you. I hope it all works out.

  2. That is horrific, a text? How can they be so heartless? Thanks babe, I will take any job I can find, I am not above begging.

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